When your furnace isn’t heating your air, the solution is always tricky. This is because the whole air system is a bit complex. You need furnace replacement Evanston experts to do the heavy lifting for you.

Before the heating repair contractors arrive at your home, you need to start taking some notes on the changes you just noted. While it is not easy to detect some issues until the furnace is opened, there are other external signs that you might see.

Why is your furnace not heating?

Your furnace might not be heating because there could be little energy source linked to the heating unit. So what do you need to do? Keep reading below:

  •         Have a look at your thermostat’s temperature
  •         Confirm if the gas lines are still available
  •         Check if the registers and the vents are open and whether the pathways are clear.

When Was the Last Time That You Checked Your Air Filter?

Internal buildup can cause your furnace to stop working. When did you last the air filter? A clean air filter cannot allow clean air to pass through it. This causes lack of enough air to distribute which makes it harder for the furnace to distribute heat.

Issues With Your Heat Exchange

Your furnace might not be heating air due to a faulty or sticky heat exchanger. Any build up in the heat exchanger makes it become sticky. This results in improper oxygenation of the flame. 

Signs of  a sticky exchanger include regular noises of a small bloom from the system. You can immediately turn off the system if you suspect that there’s a faulty heat exchanger. You can wait for your furnace repairman Evanston to arrive and fix it.

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