How to repair my roof?

Keeping roof in top shape is of uttermost importance to your house’s wellbeing. That’s why you should monitor it for potential problems and tackle them as soon as they appear. There are many things than can go wrong, starting from lose shingles and ending with something as serious as broken decking or torn off covering. Regular maintenance helps avoiding some of the issues but unfortunately there are situations that cannot be neither anticipated nor prevented (for example hail damage). However, you don’t have to worry that each and every failure requires assistance of professional roofing contractor. Actually quite the contrary. You can perform plenty of small repairs by yourself quickly and easily. However before you get to fixing your roof, you need to distinguish, which problems should be dealt with by exerts and which are within the reach of a homeowner. Below you’ll find some more info on popular roofing problems and possible solutions.

roofing contractors during inspectionCommon roof problems

In the perfect world, properly installed covering would guarantee problem free roofing. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. For one thing, the installation itself might have been done less than carefully, so the covering would perform worse than it should and had shorter lifespan. The easiest way to avoid such problems is hiring reliable, preferably local roofing company Arlington Heights. Experienced roofers with hands-on experience with your chosen material (yes, that’s necessary as various products may require different handling) will provide proper installation, so you won’t need to worry about potential failures. If that train has left the station and the roof is already above your head but you’re worried about quality of workmanship, ask professional contractors for its inspection to prevent future problems.

Unfortunately, properly installed roof won’t save you from occasional repairs. Material deterioration or weather induced damage may at some point or another, cause moisture seepage or leaks. It’s better to deal with them immediately before they will exacerbate beyond repair and you’ll be forced to replace whole covering. To deal with leaks, you’ll have to start with finding their source. The easiest way to do this, is by going to the attic and looking for signs of moisture such as black marks, water stains or mold. If your access to the underside of the roof is restricted then you’ll have to climb on top of it in search of the leaking place. Usually the source of problem are missing or damaged shingles, deteriorated caulking or broken vents. Replace those elements, remembering of proper flashing, where necessary. If the problem persists or you’re not able to deal with it by yourself in the first place, then call professionals like those from TopLine Roofing Company Northbrook.

Another common roof problem comes with quite unexpected direction. You wouldn’t consider this beautiful greenery and its little inhabitants that thrive in surroundings of your house an issue, would you? Unfortunately, they aren’t as harmless as they seem. Century old trees may look gorgeous and increase curb appeal of your property but they pose danger to your house if they grow to close to it. Overhanging branches can brush against roof, scratching protective layer off the material. On top of that, tree limbs may break and fall down causing serious damage not only to covering but also to the decking below. In such a case, help of professional roofing contractors would be inevitable. However, there is an easy way to prevent future problems. Trim all of the overhanging limbs or better yet, remove the whole tree, if you think its collapse may be dangerous to the house. Think also of evicting critters like birds, rodents and insects, as they are able to damage seriously your roofing.

Ventilation is another element that if neglected can have negative impact on you roof. Some people may think it superfluous but properly placed vents (at the base and near the ridge) creates natural air movement that doesn’t have to be supported by any mechanical devices. Why does this matter, you may ask. It helps in keeping temperature and moisture levels on your attic in check thus preventing mold and mildew buildup (which can damage roof elements) and helps saving money on energy bills. If you think that your ventilation has been installed improperly in the first place or there are some obstructions in vents, seek help of roofing contractors. They will be able to quickly determine the exact nature of your problem and take necessary measures.

Most often, than not homeowners think that roof damage or failure comes out of the blue. It may be true in its own right but in many cases your problem boils down to the lack or improper maintenance. Taking care of your roof can go a long way toward prolonging its service life and keeping it in the best possible shape. What’s more, oftentimes you don’t even have to call roofers to deal with maintenance unless of course you want. Cutting overhanging branches, cleaning gutters or replacing a missing shingle or two isn’t exactly rocket science. If, for any reason, you cannot take care of your roof by yourself, then do not hesitate to hire professional help. It may cost you some bucks but it’s definitely cheaper than dealing with serious damage to your roof in the future.

A Time to Repair the Roof

Is it time for roof replacement?

Regular maintenance and timely repairs help prolonging your roof’s lifespan. Unfortunately no matter the quality of that care, at some point or another you’ll have to face the prospect of roof replacement. There are some telltale signs, which clearly indicates that you should start shopping for new covering. Of course, just to stay on the safe side, it’s good to consult your observations with professional roofers like those from ECO Roofing Contractors Chicago to confirm your assessment. But let’s start simple and have a look on your roof yourself. Actually, first step won’t be about visual inspection but simple fact checking that is how old is your roof. However, conclusion that it’s umpteen years or several decades old without the information of covering it’s pretty much useless. Each material has its life expectancy. Asphalt shingle can last anywhere from 15 (for the cheapest option) to 30 years (with premium product), wood shingles and shakes will be good for 5-10 years longer than that; metal withstands over 50 years (and that’s steel only; copper fares much better) while slate and ceramic – even more than a century. So, if you determined that your roof is nearing its expiration date, you may start shopping around for a new one. Another indication that you need replacement and soon, is light getting to your attic. Of course, there is nothing wrong if it shines as intended –through windows and skylights. But if it gets directly through the roof then you’re in trouble and have to react quickly to avoid leaks. On the other hand, you may not see any holes in the roof but notice moisture or water stains in attic’s insulations. That may also indicate the necessity for the roof replacement. However, those aren’t the only circumstances when you have to consider installation of new covering. If your roof is made of shingles, take a closer on their condition. Cracked, broken or missing pieces can be easily exchanged for new ones but… if too many shingles are in bad condition or gone, then replacing them piece by single piece may prove counterproductive and waste of time. On top of that, with some materials it’s hard to find exact match in terms of color. Of course, it doesn’t threat the integrity of your roof but looks unaesthetically and impacts negatively curb appeal of your property. Are there any other situations that call for roof placement? I’d say yes. If you have asphalt shingles then at some point, you may notice that they started buckling and /or curling. Unfortunately, that’s not solely esthetic problem. Such developments result in increased water retention and impaired drainage, which in the long term inevitably leads to leaks. While speaking of asphalt covering, you not only want to check the roof itself but also gutters and pavements around the house. This advice, however strange, isn’t as unfounded as it sounds. What you are looking for are granules that were shed from asphalt shingles. It’s a natural process and you see some of them around after every storm. But if at some point you’ll see very many of them laying around then that’s the telltale sign that your roof is more than worse for the wear. The aforementioned set of circumstances under which you should consider roof replacement isn’t comprehensive. Each roof is slightly different with its various covering materials, slopes or size and has to be treated accordingly. If, upon a visual inspection, you aren’t sure whether you need replacing or rather repair would do for a time being, then make an appointment with good roofing contractors, who will be able to tackle the problem and provide appropriate solution.

roof made by roofing companies chicagoBest roofing material

Speaking of the best building material for one purpose or another it’s often counterproductive, as seldom there is something that can simply be called the best in its class. You have products that performs better under certain circumstance and worse under others. However, with roof covering, calling one product far more superior than the rest isn’t far off. To put it bluntly, there is metal and there are other types of roofing. Some people claim that it’s prohibitively expensive, so not the solution available to the average homeowner. It’s partially true but… for one thing, under the metal roofing category fall many products of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, copper and their alloys (e.g. terne, zincalume or galvalume). Each of them comes with different price tag, the most expensive being copper and zinc. Altogether then, by comparison, steel and aluminum (the most popular choices) don’t look so bad. It’s still doesn’t make them particularly cheap but the initial price is more than compensated by metal roof properties. Actually, this type of covering has the highest return on investment from all of the available products. Let’s get a closer look then on the qualities that make it so exceptional. First, it’s very durable and can easily last over five decades (more than a century with copper). It’s reflected in very long limited manufacturers warranties (up to 35 years). Metal offers excellent resistance against elements and fire, particularly if panels or tiles are made to withstand particular intensity of any given factor. To prove this, good manufacturers, like Worthouse Metal Roofing, have their products tested and certified by independent bodies. However, excellent resistance to anything and everything isn’t the only benefit of metal covering. Homeowners tend to choose it for its excellent insulating qualities as it not only improves thermal comfort of their houses but also allows for substantial savings on energy bills (up to 25% on heating and cooling together). Those inherent properties can be taken even further with the appropriate coating that modifies metal emittance and reflectance so you can enjoy either cool (heat dispersing) or warm (heat retaining roof). Installing cool roof made of materials from accredited metal roofing manufacturers, you can also count on a tax credit. If that’s not enough, choice of metal is rewarded by home insurers with rates lower than with other types of roof covering.

metal roof made by metal roofing manufacturers