Big family house remodeling

House for a big family poses set of completely different challenges than that for a small one. You not only need more bedrooms, so each member has its own private room but also differently organized common space. Extra bathroom or larger kitchen, which allows for comfortable eating together, would be in place as well. These considerations are quite obvious as more people means need for more space. However, there is another aspect, namely functionality of rooms and even particular fixtures. Having young kids with insatiable curiosity and propensity of playing with inappropriate objects (think sockets, cables, sharp tools etc.), requires solutions that create safe yet interesting environment. In such a case designing the whole room as a “home entertainment center” may be a viable option. But kids aren’t the only inhabitants, who may benefit from increased functionality of your house. Having elder or disabled relative living with you call for serious changes to building’s layout to improve such person’s comfort. Depending on your particular situation adding wheelchair ramps, widening corridors or replacing bathtub for a shower stall may prove viable solutions. Nevertheless, no matter what changes to the house design you find necessary, it’s best to hire professional remodeling contractors to execute them.

Make room for everyone

When you have a big family with prospective of growing up even further the only, it may require some acrobatics to provide everybody with bit of private space. Not only that but you have to take into account some common areas as well, like dining or living rooms, where all of the family members can spend time comfortably without stomping on anybody’s toes. In such a case, you can think of looking around for a new, definitely larger place but… You’ve been living there for quite a while, the house is gorgeous, neighborhood quiet, all of the facilities at your fingertips (delete as appropriate ;)) and so there is simply no reason for moving out. Well, except the feeling that your home is shrinking. No worries though. You can easily remediate it with home remodeling in Chicago. Of course, any remodeling contractors worth their money, will tell you that there is no such as thing as “one size fits all”. Maybe your particular circumstances will call for building a house extension, adding a porch or simply changing interiors’ layout or repurposing them. Extension seems like the easiest way to gain extra space without forsaking functionality. However if for some reason it’s not viable solution for you, then do not worry. That’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of other things you can do. Change to the room/s layout doesn’t necessarily increase their square feet count but you may drastically increase functionality and makes it look larger. One of the easiest way to this, is by widening doorways between adjacent rooms. As result you can get kitchen smoothly transiting into dining area that will be easier to navigate and more spacious. Another option is removing unnecessary fixtures or replacing them with visually lighter, smaller versions. When we are at employing optical tricks to adjust the house’s size, then light warm colors and horizontal patterns are particularly good way to go. Another way of increasing available space is efficient storage. Most of the time not all of the spaces under the stairs and other nooks and crannies are used effectively due to their irregular shape. However, experienced home remodeling contractors are more than happy to design solutions that will quickly remediate its. Unfortunately those tips and tricks steal doesn’t touch an issue of having an own room for each member of your family. While children are younger problem is less pressing as they can share common bedroom. But teenager prefers having his or her private space. In such a case, you may want to consider repurposing some of the interiors. Attics, basements and sometimes even covered heated porches can be rearranged into extra bedroom, entertainment room or home office, depending on your needs and expectations.home remodeling chicago


Remodel the kitchen – the heart of your home

Kitchen is often called the heart of your home and I would say that rightly so. Everybody needs to eat but that isn’t what makes this room so special. What is then? Sometimes common meal at the end of the day is the only opportunity to gather together with the family members. Tight unpleasant room can strip it of the whole pleasure, but kitchen remodeling Chicago can create both functional and welcoming interior. That’s the place were good remodeling contractors are invaluable as their help will allow you to achieve the desired result. The perfect starting point for a big family’s kitchen project is of course a spacious kitchen. Ok, it’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek statement. I mean, I’m not kidding here but as a homeowner you already know full well that most of the time; you have to deal with less than perfect situation. So a big kitchen. If you don’t have one on hand, that’s not a problem. You can enlarge entryway, leading to the dining room, by partially or thoroughly removing the wall. Both rooms will look bigger together and offer different opportunities of space arrangements. For one thing, you could consider adding and island in the middle of the resulting space. Kitchen islands offer great versatility due their multifunctional character. Countertops for food preparation nicely double as kitchen table where your family can eat together. On top of that (or rather if we take things literally – under) you can use your island as an additional storage space with built in cupboards. Speaking of storage. While remodeling kitchen you can consider ordering new cupboards. Choosing design that effectively uses available space (for example hanging cupboards that end by the ceiling) won’t magically make your kitchen roomier. Nevertheless, they add touch of functionality when you don’t have to struggle with the pots and pans, which want to get out of the cupboards all at once. Considering functional kitchen design for the big family is worth to pause before a choice of materials. It doesn’t sound like a big deal until you get to cleaning fingertips and food smears from high gloss furniture. Or dealing with spills on improperly treated wooden floors. With plenty of inhabitants, particularly those who require care (young kids, elders) it’s good to rely on “hassle free” options. Matte, smooth furniture without fancy moldings, ceramic floor tiles or wooden panels with quality varnish or polyurethane finish, durable countertops that can take a lot of use and abuse without showing signs of wear. Those and other similar solutions make safest bet when it comes to ease of maintenance. With careful design, every one of them will be able as well to enhance the looks of your kitchen, so preparing and eating meals will be a remodeling chicago

Entertainment unit for whole family – home theater

When you have a big family, particularly with youngsters aboard, entertainment room is a great idea. You will have a perfect opportunity to spend some time together, not only eating a meal in a kitchen / dining room but also playing video games or watching your favorite movies. Separate place for entertainment may sound like overkill, particularly if you have a problem with arranging own rooms for each of the family members. However, it will be well worth your time and effort. Most often than not living room will be sufficient for basic home theater installation. However, if your family belongs to the passionate movie lovers then you can think of solution that is more “drastic”. No worries though, I’m not suggesting a total demolition of your beloved house or building a movie theater on your lawn. Repurposing your basement will be more than enough. It offers plenty of space usually occupied by shelves of some forgotten preserves or strange odds and ends. Naturally low in light it makes a great place for movie screening. Well, but watching a movie requires a bit more than a darkened room. There is equipment needed. Of course, you can complete everything piece by piece and install it by yourself but it’s not the efficient option. And actually neither the cheapest one. Finding professionals, like Low Voltex Home Theater Chicago, who will design the most appropriate solutions and take care of the equipment installation, is the most viable option. Why so? For one thing, the largest, brightest TV from the neighboring store doesn’t have to be the most appropriate choice. For the best results, you have to adjust screen size to both the room itself and the distance between the screen and audience. For another – companies like Low Voltex will provide you with latest technologies – HDTV, digital front projection, Dolby Digital and surround sound among others. Their will definitely take your watching experience to the new level but that’s not everything. You can forget as well about yesteryear way of dealing with everything with several remote controls. Now you home theater provider will deliver single touch panel that allows for full control of all the devices. Starting and stopping DVD player, adjusting sound mode and even diming the lights or drawing curtains up from the your TV screen will be possible with one touch of your finger. Those solutions, teamed with excellent quality of wide screen and speakers allow your family and you to feel like in a full-blown cinema. Add comfortable places to sit in or even recline and your family can enjoy the watching experience that surpasses those of even the best movie theaters can provide you with.home theater chicago

Bathroom remodeling – make your master bathroom outstanding

While remodeling your house don’t forget about master bathroom. Good contractors, like those from Superior Bathroom Remodeling Chicago, will help you to find perfect match for your particular interior. Of course, it should be functional, so you could comfortably take care of your hygienic needs. However, there is no saying that it couldn’t be esthetically appealing or that you cannot splurge a bit on its design. Invigorating shower at beginning of the day or better yet, long relaxing soak after the day’s effort are more pleasurable in the carefully designed bathroom. Here there is no place for one-size-fits-all. Whatever works for you is the right solution. Speaking of that “right” angle, you probably consider, which would be more appropriate – a shower stall or a bathtub. There is an ongoing online debate about which fixture is better both in terms of hygiene and functionality. When it comes to hygiene ignore all the advice and choose as it pleases you – neither option surpasses the other. Functionality though is a slightly different kettle of fish. Ideal situation includes installing both shower stall and a bathtub, so you could use one more suitable at the moment. However, if such solution isn’t viable in your circumstances, be it due to a lack of space or other considerations, you may forgo all of the fashionable lifestyle gurus’ advice and think of what it is you actually need. Bathtub will work well with young children not only as a hygienic device but as a great playground as well. It’s perfect for relaxing tired muscles and mind or simply when you cannot imagine living without hot soak time and again. Shower on the other hand is great choice if you often are in a hurry or have a family member with mobility issues. Oh, by the way, you can save on water bills as well as it requires less water than a bath (unless you install a power shower, then sorry but no deal). Well, but my bathroom doesn’t only consist of tub or shower, you may say. You’re right of course and those other parts need remodeling as well and require quite different measures than your average room. Think for example of the materials. They have to withstand hot humid environment so anything with low porosity, say tiles, will be your best bet. Tiles are great choice both in terms of their qualities as well virtually infinite choice of styles and colors. And they aren’t solely limited to the best known ceramic tiles. You can have those of course, but there is porcelain (with even lower water abortion rate), natural stone (with unique look) or glass (brittle but perfect for backsplashes and wall mosaics).basement remodeling chicago