Total home make over – Your home remodeling plan


You’ve probably already had your share of home remodeling, so you may feel well versed in planning such undertakings. However, there is a huge difference between changing one room at a time and full-scale renovation of the whole place. For one thing, there is a question of budget, which of course has to be substantially larger. Nothing revealing, right? Nope, not exactly. Often you can pay for small remodeling project from your savings. That won’t be the case with total makeover, so you have to think carefully where all the money will come from. You can visit your bank, ask family for a loan or check with contractors, whether they offer some type of refinancing or take part in 203k scheme. If you’re interested in the last one, you should apply for it in advance, before having anything done. When you have financial part of the renovation covered, there is time for planning. There are several aspects, you have to take into account. If you stay at your home during the remodeling process, then starting everything at once isn’t the wisest idea as living at your place become nearly impossible. On the other hand, if you remodel uninhabited property with the intention of moving in as soon as possible then getting everything done at once (where viable) may prove a good choice. While scheduling exterior makeover, also keep in mind that the progress of works depend on the aura and can be delayed or halted by adverse weather conditions.

Focus on your house exterior

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Choose the perfect roof

While considering different elements of exterior remodeling, you should pay particular attention to your roof. What you put over your head, translates directly into wellbeing of the building as well as its inhabitants. Properly installed roof of high quality materials provides protection against rain, snow, wind, hail but also sun and temperature (both high and low). Choice of appropriate covering and professional roofing contractors near Lombard or elsewhere, is of particular importance when you live in area, which is known for its extreme weather conditions. What usually comes to your mind is hail or heavy wind. Actually, heat or UV radiation may be as damaging to the material, so you have to consider those as well. There are plenty of roof covering products available on the market. They come with different price tag and characteristics, which allows you to find perfect match for your house. Let’s take a closer look on several options and their benefits and drawbacks.
The most popular are asphalt shingles, covering over 70% of residential buildings designed for single families. They can be divided into two subgroups based on the substances they’re made of. First one is organic shingle typically manufactured from waste paper saturated with asphalt and then topped with ceramic beads. Second type is fiberglass shingles where a layer of asphalt is added on top of fiber mat and topped with granules. You can still see both options on plenty of residential houses in existence but actually organic shingles are being slowly phased out. They are more durable but unfortunately less fire resistant and environmentally friendly than their fiberglass counterparts. Asphalt shingles though very popular doesn’t seem to present any particular inherent qualities, which could justify the choice. Cheaper options can last only as little as fifteen years (up to thirty with premium products), don’t offer as good insulation as other materials and altogether aren’t extremely resistant to elements, which makes them poor choice for extreme weather conditions. However, the initial roof installation cost is the lowest of all the covering products. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and repair, are available in various styles and colors and offer opportunity of reroofing. It means that you don’t have to take off old shingles but just put new ones on top of them.
If asphalt shingles aren’t to your liking then there are other roofing materials available. One of the particularly esthetic are wood shakes or shingles. Homeowners often consider them to be one and the same but there is a difference in manufacturing process. Shingles are sawn, which gives them uniform, slightly wedged shape. On the other hand, shakes are split from the log, which results in slightly uneven, rough appearance. If you strive for a more rustic look of your home then definitely wood shakes are for you. For classic, more elegant roof covering, shingles will be a better option. Keep in mind though, that first choice is pricier than the second one due to the larger amount of material required and hand manufacturing process. Type of wood may also influence total cost of roof installation as well as replacement. The most popular is cedar but there is no saying that you cannot go for something more exotic like teak for example. Check with the local company – TopLine Roofing Companies Chicago being among the best choices for that purpose – what they have available. Remember that wood shakes and shingles, even though beautiful and energy efficient have to be chemically treated and repainted every few years to stay in top shape.
Wood roofing, however esthetically pleasing last only 5-10 years longer than asphalt shingles. If you seek something with a potential of still staying in a great shape in a 50 years, then metal is the thing. It has the highest return on investment, is lightweight and almost everything proof. So where is the small print? It has to be installed by pros, well versed in working with that type of covering like contractors from TZ Roofing Arlington Heights. Another disadvantage is high initial price but here some clarification is actually needed. Term metal encompasses different materials, like stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and alloys (e.g. terne, galvalume) and can be made into panels or tiles. So far so good, but each of the aforementioned coverings comes with slightly different set of characteristics and price tags. In this setting, Steel belongs to the more affordable choices. On the other end of spectrum is zinc and copper. The last ones have life expectancy well over 100 years. If you decide on copper, seek good contractor, like Eco Roofing Schaumburg, who will be able to provide top quality product and installation. Nevertheless, no matter, which type of metal you chose, you rip plenty of benefits, such as lower energy bills (up 25%) and home insurance rates (up to6%) and even government tax credit (for accredited cool roofing).

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Check your siding

While taking care of your house’s exterior, you shouldn’t forget about siding. It provides protection from the elements as well as increases curb appeal but only if it’s kept in good condition. What should you do then in case of damage – whether repair or replace it? That depends both on the type of material as well as how extensive is the damage. In case of wood or LP SmartSide (engineered wood) small gauges (like those from hail) can be sanded off and repainted. Products like metal and James Hardie (fiber cement) will be better off with use of exterior grade spackling. If there are small holes, a bit of caulking will do. And what about cracks and breakages that can affect some materials (vinyl in particular). If the damage isn’t extensive, replace only the boards in question and let the rest be. In other case, think of replacement and installation of the whole thing from scratch. The same also goes for rotting of wood siding. In each case, seek for professional help, like those of Renovax Siding Contractors, to get the best results of the intervention. While replacing you siding you may also consider an upgrade to a premium version. Vinyl for example makes the most affordable choice and can mimic other products. Low maintenance and colorful will suit to almost any type of building. Wood siding is evergreen classic. It’s esthetically appealing, energy efficient and can be stained on different hues. If you want to enjoy wood look but are worried about high price or difficult maintenance then LP Smart Side may prove the right choice for you. Another resistant and very versatile option is James Hardie board as it’s available in wide range of styles and can effectively mimic other siding products. Last but not least comes metal (steel or aluminum). It’s extremely durable but better suited to modern buildings due to its characteristic look.

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Interior remodeling – what to focus on

Before starting interior remodeling you need a good contractor, like say JDP Home Remodeling Chicago, who will help you with drafting and executing makeover plan.
The funny thing about serious renovation is that you actually start with demolishing. Old fixtures, floors and walls have to go before you can proceed to the rest of your project.
Next stage is rebuilding the removed walls. In this step, you can decide on complete change of layout, built room addition or, in some cases, let the thing be if you aimed for larger room.
That ready, you may take care of utilities – electricity, plumbing and the like, either installing everything from scratch or upgrading and inspecting existing installation. It doesn’t resemble proper remodeling but we are getting there.
Now it’s time to install insulation and drywall. After taping, mudding and sanding, they are ready to be painted, covered with wallpaper or finished in other way that appeals to you or is appropriate for the type of interior (think bathroom and ceramic tiles).
Next stage is floor installation. This should be done after or before finishing walls, decision to be made with remodeling your remodeling contractors, for example Darek & Sons Remodeling, at the planning stage.
When major works are completed, it’s time for cabinets and fixtures installation (applies with bathroom and kitchen remodeling).
After that, you only have to install appliances and some finishing touches. And no, I don’t mean here cushions or new carpet. The time for those accents will come after tidying up is completed and all of the furniture put in its right place. Now you can install custom backsplashes, light fixtures (hangers, shelves, etc.) or hardware.
The only task that’s left know is cleaning and putting everything straight and you can declare your home remodeling project completed.

Modern design room remodeling


Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Any homeowner want her home to looks its best. Keep in mind though that leaning heavily on the newest trends may prove counterproductive. After all the beauty is in the eye of beholder and you are the one, who should feel comfortable at your place. So, shopping around for an inspiration isn’t a bad idea as long as you remember that fact. Among the trends worth incorporating are architectural minimalism and simplicity. That not only will make any space look bigger and less crowded but also make it easier to keep everything neat and tidy. So forgo heavy classic cabinets for those with straight lines and simple design. Another hot item and quite literally at that, is radiant floor heating system for your bathroom. To treat yourself to the toasty warm tiles under your feet though, you need to find contractors, versed in that type of installation, like Superior Bathroom Remodeling. Among other trends worth consideration are granite countertops. They make great addition to both bathroom and kitchen, offering unique look paired with resistance to lot of use and abuse. While deciding on professional kitchen remodeling in Glencoe IL or wherever it is you live, you’ll also want to consider ergonomic design with blending in appliances and smart storage systems. How about exchanging your standard oven for a wall mounted one or adding pullout shelves to lower portion of cabinets for easy access? It not only improves the place’s looks but also will make meal preparation a real pleasure.

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