How to get help quickly in HVAC emergency?

Unfortunately, I’m the kind of person who often forgets about regular maintenance of house’s appliances. My friends even tend to joke that I took to heart the proverb about not fixing anything if it ain’t broken. Actually, most of the time it works… well, at least sort of. It was a small wonder then that when my water heating system stopped working, it wasn’t some minor issue but a serious breakdown. I took hot running water for granted, so it was a nasty surprise when one morning I had to contend with a cold shower. I felt so motivated by the experience that I started calling to different companies offering HVAC service Oak Brook IL even before I dried my hair. I haven’t made any profound research on the subject; just picked phone numbers to HVAC contractors near me at random. So, I was really lucky that I stumbled upon MTM Express Heating & Cooling.
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Actually, my choice wasn’t as accidental as it sounds. MTM contractors were the ones, who reacted the most promptly on my plea for help. Hearing that I had HVAC emergency, they arrived not long after my phone call. Unfortunately, my tank water heater was well beyond repair and no amount of “resuscitating” would have helped. Luckily, MTM guys suggested several likely replacements that they could provide on a short notice. They really went an extra mile, so I could have hot water supply restored as soon as possible. However, HVAC contractors weren’t only prompt and very accommodating but also professional. They did excellent job installing my new water heater. It’s good to know that in case of potential HVAC emergency there will be someone, who will provide expert help and do it quickly. I’m sure to use MTM services for all future HVAC repairs and replacements.
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