Perfect gift – home theater installation in Mount Prospect

Not so long ago we were looking for a perfect birthday gift for our tweens. In the end, it turned out to be the present for both kids and us but let’s start from the beginning. We didn’t want to buy another overpriced toy or gizmo so my wife started browsing online resources in search for ideas. Upon considering different options, she said there was that company who provides home theater installation Mount Prospect. At first, I didn’t thought it such a good idea but her enthusiasm was infectious. We decided to “sacrifice” basement for that purpose and then called guys from Law Voltex to learn what they can offer. We heard soon that actually anything and everything in terms of home theater equipment. We had a pick from all of the latest technologies. Without professional help of Low Voltex employees, we would still probably be looking for perfect screen, speakers, lights and so on.

home theater installation Mount ProspectHome theater for big and small

Professional home theater installation saved us as well some wrong choices like that huge plasma TV. Guys quickly disavowed us of a notion that bigger screen is inherently better. Considering the size of our basement and supposed location of chairs and recliners, they suggested smaller option, explaining that it allows for better watching experience. Actually, TV was but a small part of our would-be home theater. We got set of speakers, strategically placed around the room for surround sound, lights that dimmed at the flick of a switch and even a curtain over a screen, like in a full-blown cinema. I wouldn’t be able install all of those things by myself and make them work as intended. Kids were completely enthralled when they saw our new home theater. What more can I say? Excellent equipment and quick installation. I have only the highest praises for Low Voltex.

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