As CMS Hardwood Floor Installation, our mission is to serve the customers with top-notch hardwood floor refinishing in Orland Park area. With more than 14 years of experience, our team is ready to supply you with dependable projects that last for decades. We are a family owned business and that’s why our traditions and craftsmanship are being forwarded with time and generations. Your personal home style can find the reflection in the diverse hardwood flooring styles that we have in our offer in Orland Park. We pride ourselves also on providing you with dustless floor refinishing which allows you to bring your floors back to good shape. Our services are vetted and widely appreciated by satisfied clients, however, we constantly strive to further skills improvement. It’s always a pleasure to do the business with you! 

Give us the chance to show you how laminate or vinyl flooring installation and refinishing can change your house for the better! Our precision and dedication to details keep our clients coming back again. We want to work also on your project in Orland Park.