Classy kitchen granite countertops Roselle

Not long ago, while making complete makeover of my kitchen, I decide to do some upgrades to the place. For one thing, I wanted better appliances that would allow for quicker and more comfortable meal preparation. For another, I strived for classy kitchen design. Visiting my friend’ house I saw a solution that would perfectly suit my purpose – mainly countertops. And not your average kitchen countertops either. Made of polished granite slabs they looked simply divine. I asked her for contact details and called Timeless Granite, the company who installed granite countertops Roselle house of my friend. When I explained what it was I needed, guys quickly provided me with samples that would match the kitchen’s décor. That was a surprise. I mean – not the fact of providing samples by the contractor (however, I’ve met a company before, who wasn’t so accommodating) but the fact that granite is available in so many options.

kitchen countertops roselleGranite countertops made to measure

Be that as it may, I was very pleased with offered choice. But that’s not everything. When I found perfect match for my kitchen, Timeless’ employees prepared exact quote. And I do mean exact. No strings attached or small print. At the end, I paid for my granite countertops the price from estimation. What else did I like about the service? Undoubtedly contractors’ efficiency. When I had material chosen, they arrived to take measurements and draw templates as each of their granite countertops is custom-made. I prepared myself for some wait but to my surprise, they very quickly came back with pieces ready to install. My countertops were then meticulously cut and fitted. In no time, I could enjoy classy, original look of my kitchen. What more can I say? Excellent products and quick service of Timeless makes them worth the highest praises.

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