We choose external stairs

Have you even wondered how should look like and from which material should be externail stairs made for your home? First of all when you are designing this element of the building you should take into consideration the dimension of the stairs – the stairs should be comfortable and safe. Comfort will be ensured by choosing the right heights of the stairs. What is more stairs should be well profiled. Stairs inclined towards the inside will cause the rainwater to stop, in the winter it will be particularly dangerous. In addition our stairs should be resistant to weather conditions such as sun exposure, rainfall or frost. The most popular type of stairs are concrete stairs. On first sight the implementation of our concept looks simple. With using architectural project we can form timber made with wooden boards. Then we order concrete, which we pour between the boards. Unfortunately only from our side everything looks very simple. Do you even realize how many types of concrete are in the world? Every type of concrete has a different structure. Some of them are more resistant to moisture, concrete used in places where it is often raining or the level of groundwater is very high. Others are adapted to use in high sunlight. It would be great if you know at the stage of production what type you need.

external winding concrete stairsMaking concrete stairs

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