A variety of elements are involved in chimney repair and chimney service.  Cracked bricks and mortar, flashing, waterproofing, gas lines, springs, roofing, damage, and caps.  LMJ Masonry Chimney Services is a clear industry leader,  providing chimney service in Chicago area.  We possess the expertise, knowledge, and experience and can take care of all of your chimney and masonry repair necessities.  We aim to offer customers outstanding quality service and satisfaction in order to ensure that your chimney repair project will move swiftly and be performed correctly by our qualified masons from the beginning.  When we are finished, we will leave your job site in the same or better condition than it was in before we began.  We are concerned about our customer’s satisfaction, working to meet their needs throughout the process, from the first quote to the project’s completion.  LMJ Masonry is the best choice for chimney service.