The house of our dreams

Together with my wife we inherited from my grandmother a house located in the Chicago. The house from the outside looks great, the new roof and façade caught the attention of every passer-by. However inside the house was suitable for general renovation. As long as the living rooms and fitted wardrobes were in good condition our bathroom contractors met outdated fittings in restroom, leaking taps and stoned showers and bathtubs. All of this in an outdated style and little functioned pattern. In the kitchen, which was also served as a dining room and was one of the largest rooms in the entire building were old furniture and ineffective household appliances. We understood that bringing the house to a state that makes it possible to live in, will be a difficult and expensive task. The first idea was to make renovation with our own strength…We gave up after one day and started looking for the contractor.

renovation with our own strengthBathroom and kitchen remodeling

We took up a large and expensive challenge, which is why it was important to hit the professional contractors. A contractor that deals in the comprehensive renovation of both the bathroom and the kitchen. We were looking for Superior Bathroom Remodeling Barrigton Il. The guys from Superior Pad Construction presented the case clearly, they have reported some disadvantages and challenges – also for investors. We presented our ideas and inspirations, SPC team presented the budget they needed to the house of our dreams – and finally we have signed the contract! Specific date of completion, clear payments rules and great portfolio – it seemed to be a great and fast renovation. To the construction site came people who know themselves, equipped with professional equipment with a specific action plan. We closed the whole renovation in less than month. I would like to inform you that a professional, fast and cheap renovation should be made by Superior Pad Construction team!

bathroom remodeling project completed by Superior remodeling contractors