Owner of a small bathroom? Have you thought about tile installation or bathroom remodeling? 

We will discuss how we can give a more stunning, larger appearance to a small bathroom with just some easy design tips you can take into consideration once you are in the bathroom renovation process.

  1. “Less is more” is basic design advice but sometimes very hard to achieve. You want to keep patterns to a minimum, keep colors choices toned down, create long, simplified lines and not overly accessorize. Your design approach should be as simple as possible, meaning visually less busy.  The busier the bathroom’s appearance seems, the smaller it’s going to feel.
  2. Focus on cabinets that are either wall hung or furniture style cabinets. Your eyes are drawn below the vanity, which causes you to see a more continuous floor space.
  3. Frequently asked question: “Will mirroring my bathroom walls help my space feel bigger?

Some people falsely believe that placing mirrors on the bathroom walls will make the space feel larger. By doing this, you’re actually replicating all the details of the bathroom over and over, which contributes to an overly busy feel instead of just having painted walls with an appropriately sized mirror above the vanity.

If you wish to create the illusion of a larger space, keep paint color consistent and in lighter tones throughout the room and the ceiling with the same color. 

Here are key points to remember while bathroom remodeling: 

-Less is more. Keep it simple. Don’t make it overly busy.

-Consider using vanity cabinets with space underneath them.

-Wall treatment should be kept in light colors and uniform.

-Keep cabinetry or large, bulky items to a minimum.

-Don’t hang items with too much depth on the walls at or above eye level. 

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