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December 9, 2021

Questions To Ask A Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago, IL Before Hiring Them

Is tuckpointing just for aesthetics?

No, when you get tuckpointing Chicago, it’s not just for a fresh new look. Tuckpointing actually serves a specific purpose for chimneys. Without tuckpointing contractors Chicago setting up the proper mortar joints on your chimney, there is a greater risk of water entering your home.

 How long does it take to complete a tuckpointing project?

As it is with the price of tuckpointing Chicago, the time it takes to complete your project will depend on the specifics. But the typical chimney tuckpointing can be done by professional masonry contractors Chicago in just one afternoon over four to six hours.

 Is there a difference between tuckpointing and repointing?

Tuckpointing is often confused with pointing or repointing, but they are quite different. Adding complementary colors to the mortar joints is part of the tuckpointing process. Repointing, however, is designed to repair or replace mortar joints. So tuckpointing and repointing are both possible on the same masonry project in Chicago, but they are two very distinct services and both are offered by Custom Tuckpointing Chicago.