Signs You Need Masonry Repair Chicago, Il

August 19, 2021

Deteriorated or Missing Mortar

Repointing is necessary to most stone masonry walls or bricks every 15 to 20 years and requires earlier masonry repair in Chicago due to other factors. When mortar buckles or deteriorates, it will cause a significant problem to the masonry structure. Without sufficient mortar, bricks may rub against one another, making it warp over time.

Bowed Bricks

Compacted bricks change from their initial state over time. Bowed or cracked bricks allow water to pass through, causing damage to your home. Compacted brick in your masonry usually indicates that there are others.

Interior Damage

Issues will arise in your home due to damaged masonry. When signs of damage appear, ask our masonry contractors at Extreme Masonry Contractors Chicago for masonry repair.