Choose Between Refinishing and Replacing Hardwood Flooring Palatine,IL

July 29, 2021

Are you thinking about having hardwood floor refinishing or hardwood floor replacement? MARIO Hardwood Flooring Contractors can help you decide which one is perfect for your needs. Having hardwood refinishing from professionals like MARIO Hardwood Flooring Contractors Palatine means that all those dents, scratches, and gritty surfaces will disappear. It is less expensive than replacement. A newly refinished wood floor can increase the value of your home. Our hardwood flooring contractors can easily change the texture and color of your floor. If there are only a few warped boards, you can replace those and refinish the rest of the floor.

Replacing your hardwood flooring often takes less time and leaves little mess. You can change the entire look, design, and direction of your flooring or change the wood species that you are using. This is great for decayed and old flooring and if the budget is not an issue for you.