Air Conditioning Tips

May 19, 2021

Air conditioning is a great way to stay more comfortable in the summers, but it can also take a toll on your energy bill. So how can you save some money while still keeping cool this summer? Check out these air conditioning summer tips from DucTech Air Conditioning in Chicago:

Make sure your air conditioner is well-maintained 

Like anything, your air conditioner will work most efficiently when there is routine AC maintenance. When not cleaned properly, your AC attracts a lot of dust, allergens and debris, making it have to work harder to cool the room the same. This increases wear and tear, takes up more energy, and can even be a health hazard. Ac companies like DucTech HVAC Contractors in Bolingbrook can help with AC service where we clean the unit, replace filters, and make any necessary repairs.

Turn off the AC at night

When it gets really hot in the summer, it is tempting to keep your AC unit on at night especially when you are enjoying the new comfort of a recent AC installation, however, you can take advantage of the cooler night air to turn off your air conditioning in Schaumburg. You can either open your windows, or use a ceiling or standing fan to help circulate cooler air, for cheaper. If you want to keep your AC on at night, turn it up a few degrees so it doesn’t cool quite as heavily.

Reduce air escapage

If your space is taking much too long to cool, you might not need AC repair, it is more likely that cool air is escaping through openings and/or poorly sealed doors and windows. While making sure doors and windows are closed when you have your AC on helps, you should also check for any possible openings it could be escaping from.

Get the right AC for the job

Before you jump on your air conditioning installation, you should make sure you get the right unit for your needs. In this case, bigger is not always better, as a bigger unit might cool more area faster but also takes more energy to do so. Think about your space and your needs and consult with your local air conditioning installers about which unit will be a best fit for you. This will help you maximize the value from your AC replacement or installation.

Find long-term solutions

There are also many long term solutions to help you cool your home. For example you can plant trees and vine plants around windows for more shade, properly seal your doors and windows, and consider better insulation, or different more reflective roofing, to help keep out the heat.

More Than Air Conditioning Summer Tips

DucTech Air Conditioning in Palatine handles all things AC, from ac maintenance and repair to air conditioning replacement and installation, our team can help you to stay comfortable this summer, while helping you to keep your power bill to a minimum. Get in touch today to see how we can help you with our top-quality air conditioning service.