Roofing Company Des Plains | Lion Roofing Company

March 17, 2021

Constant seasonal changes can play havoc with a roof over time. Your roof is what protects your home and belongings from the outside elements, so it is essential that you keep up to date on the condition of your roof. Lion Roofing Company Des Plains suggests a roof inspection, especially if you suspect your roof is failing. Leaking roofs can create problems for your home interiors. If left unattended, water can cause sagging beams, rot, and mold. This can compromise your whole structure leading to expensive repairs. So be proactive and let one of our experienced roofing contractors inspect the state of your roof. We check your gutters, flashings, facias, and your chimney. If roof repairs or replacement work is necessary, you can trust Lion Roofing to do a perfect job that will give your Des Plains home’s roof longevity and protect your investment over time.


Roofing – construction worker standing on a roof covering it with tiles