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February 10, 2021

Why Should You Choose Hardwood Stairs?


When trying to decide between carpeted or wooden stairs, we know a lot of questions come to your mind. Renovating your home should be a delightful experience, but you do need to keep in mind not only the latest trends but also what’s best for your family’s lifestyle and health. As a reliable stair contractor Buffalo Grove, the following key data points may help you make your decision between carpeted or wooden stairs:  

-Wood stairs last longer.

Wood is by nature a more durable material than carpet and it doesn’t collect dirt. If there are any damages they are easily refinished. Stairs are often used, so you need them to be strong, it makes sense to choose wood.  When you are ready to make changes in the future and update the look, you can add other elements to upgrade their look or even change their color.


-Compared to carpeted staircases wood stairs are easier to clean.

Carpeted stairs need a strict vacuum routine in order to keep your family free of allergies or asthma. It’s very hard for you to give them proper maintenance and you will notice they absorb dust and other allergens. Wood stairs, meanwhile, require just an occasional mopping to keep them clean.


-Easily adaptable

If you want to muffle noises or prevent slipping, you can easily consider adding a stair runner or tread rug. There’s no need to sacrifice your design wishes of the look and feel of wooden stairs.


We are ready to answer any questions you may have about the installation or the refinishing of your stairs. Our contractors at Buffalo Grove are specialists in this field and have years of experience working with wood. The quality of the job is going to speak for itself.