Vinyl or not vinyl, that is the question

December 11, 2017

The first thought of installing siding on the walls of my beautiful little house was giving me the creeps. Ok, better protection from the elements (heat or cold) is all nice and well. More important when it helps with keeping pleasant temperature inside of the building. But why does it have to be done by putting these ugly vinyl panels? At least at the time I was thinking that they supposed to be both ugly and vinyl. Upon some online researching I found out that plastic siding has much better quality and look nowadays that it use to have. And, what was even more important, I could rely on wide array of other materials to choose from.

The answer – wood siding

When I contacted with All Siding Contractors for more information and a quote I was very pleased to learn that they offer cedar shakes. Shakes weren’t actually low maintenance and very cheap option but they did add to unique look of the house. And were environmentally friendly, at least to some degree and when treated with ecological paints or stains. The only caveat was they had to be installed by professional siding contractors Crystal Lake to achieve the best results. That’s what All Siding Contractors declared they do and they definitely delivered on their promise.